Victorian Embroidery
Victorian Embroidery
Victorian Embroidery

Vic Logo & Workwear P/L - Building Your Brand

"Build Your Brand" with Promotional Wear that provides high-visibility of your message at reasonable cost. Your message is communicated in two ways:

1. At the 'point of action' such as on the golf course, at school or work, or when calling on a client.
2. At all other times as your product is being displayed wherever the wearers are, such as in the street or at a shopping centre. 

Your display is ongoing and is highly personal.

"Build a Sense of Security" by clearly identifying the wearer as a team member, worker or student. Ready-identification enables effective security to be maintained by eliminating persons who should not be in a particular location: "they're not wearing the right uniform".

By 'Building Your Brand' and by 'Building a Sense of Security' you will ensure the growth of your enterprise and add to the security of your business.

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